Tabletop World 32mm - Merchant Shop

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This luxurious house is where the town’s well known merchant spends his days in peace and welfare. Townsfolk know him as a fair trader and a tolerant man who is always kind and ready to help people in trouble. In his shop, placed on the ground floor, you can find everything you need be it food, tools or even medicine.

Apart from highest attention to detail we had game-play in mind when creating the model. The model is in Heroic scale, meaning that you can easily use it with miniatures that are 28-32mm scale. The whole building has plenty of space to move your miniatures around, with several floors connected with stairs. All doors, window shutters and hatches are hinged and fully operational so you can open and close them to your liking. We took special care when designing interior as well as exterior and we feel that the end result is really spectacular. More models in this line are soon to come!