The Complete Warhammer Age of Sigmar Base Sizes List

This is a complete list of base sizes for Warhammer Age of Sigmar as of OCT 2022.

We carry a complete line of every size of magnetic and non magnetic bases for Age of Sigmar.

Base Sizes - Chaos

Beasts of Chaos

Unit Base Size
Beastlord 32mm
Bestigors 32mm
Bullgors 50mm
Centigors 60x35mm
Chaos Gargant 90x52mm
Chaos Warhounds 60x35mm
Chimera 120x92mm
Cockatrice 60mm
Cygor 120x92mm
Doomblast Dirgehorn 40mm
Doombull 50mm
Dragon Ogre Shaggoth 90x52mm
Dragon Ogors 90x52mm
Ghorgon 120x92mm
Gors 32mm
Great Bray-Shaman 32mm
Jabberslythe 120x92mm
Ravening Direflock 40mm
Razorgors 73x42mm
Tuskgor Chariots 105x70mm
Ungor Raiders 25mm
Ungors 25mm
Wildfire Taurus 105x70mm


Blades of Khorne

Unit Base Size
Aspiring Deathbringer 32mm
Aspiring Deathbringer w/Goreaxe & Skullhammer 40mm
Bleeding Icon 105 x 70mm
Blood Warriors  32mm
Bloodcrushers 90 x 52mm
Bloodletters 32mm
Bloodmaster, Herald of Khorne 40mm
Bloodreavers 32mm
Bloodsecrator 32mm
Bloodstoker 40mm
Bloodthirster of Insensate Rage 120 x 92mm
Bloodthirster of Unfettered Fury 120 x 92mm
Exalted Deathbringer w/Bloodbite Axe 40mm
Exalted Deathbringer w/Impaling Spear 40mm
Exalted Deathbringer w/Ruinous Axe 40mm
Exalted Greater Daemon of Khorne 160mm
Flesh Hounds 60 x 35mm
Garrek's Reavers 32mm
Hexgorger Skulls 60mm
Karanak 75 x 42mm
Khorgoraths 90 x 52mm
Korghos Khul 60mm
Lord of Khorne on Juggernaut 90 x 52mm
Magore's Fiends 32mm
Mazarall the Butcher 100mm
Mighty Lord of Khorne 60mm
Mighty Skullcrushers  90 x 52mm
Riptooth 50mm
Scyla Anfingrimm 60mm
Skaarac the Bloodborn 160mm
Skarbrand 100mm
Skarr Bloodwrath 40mm
Skull Cannons 120 x 92mm
Skullgrinder 40mm
Skullmaster, Herald of Khorne 90 x 52mm
Skullreapers 40mm
Skulltaker 40mm
Slaughterbrute of Khorne 120 x 92mm
Slaughterpriest 40mm
Slaughterpriest w/Hackblade & Wrath-Hammer 40mm
Valkia the Bloody 32mm
Wrath of Khorne Bloodthirster 120 x 92mm
Wrath-axe 105 x 70mm
Wrathmongers 40mm


Daemons of Chaos

Unit Base Size
Be'lakor, Chaos Daemon Prince 60mm
Daemon Prince 60mm
Furies 25mm
Soul Grinder 160mm


Disciples of Tzeentch

Unit Base Size
Blue Horrors of Tzeentch 25mm
Brimstone Horrors of Tzeentch 25mm
Burning Chariots of Tzeentch 120 x 92mm
Curseling, Eye of Tzeentch 32mm
Exalted Flamers of Tzeentch 75 x 42mm
Exalted Greater Daemon of Tzeentch 130mm
Eyes of the Nine 32mm
Fatemaster 60mm
Flamers of Tzeentch 32mm
Gaunt Summoner (& Chaos Familiars)  40mm
Gaunt Summoner of Tzeentch 40mm
Gaunt Summoner's of Chaos Familiars 25mm
Herald of Tzeentch 32mm
Herlad of Tzeentch on Burning Chariot 120 x 92mm
Herlad of Tzeentch on Disc 60mm
Kairic Acolytes 32mm
Kairos Fateweaver 100mm
Lord of Change 100mm
Magister 32mm
Mutalith Vortex Beast of Tzeentch 120 x 92mm
Ogroid Thaumaturge 50mm
Pink Horrors of Tzeentch  32mm
Screamers of Tzeentch 32mm
The Blue Scribes 60mm
The Changeling 40mm
Tzaangor Enlightened 40mm
Tzaangor Shaman 40mm
Tzaangor Skyfires 40mm
Tzaangors 32mm
Vortemis the All-seeing 32mm


Hedonites of Slaanesh

Unit Base Size
Chaos Lord of Slaanesh 32mm
Daemonettes of Slaanesh 25mm
Dreadful Visage 90 x 52mm
Exalted Greater Daemon of Slaanesh 105 x 70mm
Exalted Seekers Chariots of Slaanesh 120 x 92mm
Fiends 75 x 42mm
Hellflayers of Slaanesh 120 x 92mm
Hellstriders of Slaanesh 60 x 35mm
Herald of Slaanesh 25mm
Herald of Slaanesh on Exalted Seeker Chariot 120 x 92mm
Herald of Slaanesh on Seeker Chariot 120 x 92mm
Infernal Enrapturess 60 x 35mm
Keeper of Secrets 100mm
Lord of Slaanesh on Daemonic Mount 60mm
Mesmerising Mirror 90 x 52mm
Seeker Chariots of Slaanesh 120 x 92mm
Seekers of Slaanesh 60 x 35mm
The Masque of Slaanesh 32mm
Wheels of Excruciation Use Model


Legion of Azgorh

Unit Base Size
Bull Centaur Renders 90 x 52mm
Bull Centaur Taur'ruk 90 x 52mm
Daemonsmith 25mm
Deathshrieker Rocket Launcher 120 x 92mm
Drazhoath the Ashen 120 x 92mm
Dreadquake Mortar 170mm
Infernal Guard Battle Standard Bearer 25mm
Infernal Guard Castellan 25mm
Infernal Guard Fireglaives 25mm
Infernal Guard Ironsworn 25mm
Iron Daemon War Engine 120 x 92mm
K'Daai Fireborn 50mm
agma Cannon 120 x 92mm
Shar'tor the Executioner 105 x 70mm
Skullcracker War Engine 120 x 92mm


Maggotkin of Nurgle

Unit Base Size
Beasts of Nurgle 60mm
Bloab Rotspawned 100mm
Epidemius, Tallyman of Nurgle 60mm
Exalted Greater Daemon of Nurgle 130mm
Feculent Gnarlmaw Use model
Festus the Leechlord 40mm
great Unclean One 130mm
Gutrot Spume 40mm
Harbinger of Decay 75 x 42mm
Horticulous Slimux 105 x 70mm
Lord of Afflictions 60mm
Lord of Blights 40mm
Lord of Plagues 40mm
Morbidex Twiceborn 100mm
Nurglings 40mm
Orghotts Daemonspew 100mm
Plague Drones 60mm
Plaguebearers 32mm
Poxbringer, Herald of Nurgle 32mm
Pusgoyle Blightlords 60mm
Putrid Blightkings 40mm
Rotigus 130mm
Sloppity Bilepiper, Herald of Nurgle 32mm
Sorcerer 32mm
Spoilpox Scrivener, Herald of Nurgle 40mm
The Glottkin 130mm


Monsters of Chaos

Unit Base Size
Chaos Siege Gargant 120 x 92mm
Chaos War Mammoth 280 x 210mm
Curs'd Ettin 120 x 92mm
Gigantic Chaos Spawn 100mm
Harpies 32mm
Mutalith Vortex Beast 120 x 92mm
Preyton 60mm
Skin Wolves 60mm
Slaughterbrute 120 x 92mm
Warpfire Dragon 120 x 92mm


Slaves To Darkness

Unit Base Size
Archaon 160mm
Chaos Chariots 120 x 92mm
Chaos Chosen 32mm
Chaos Gorebeast Chariots 120 x 92mm
Chaos Knights 75 x 42mm
Chaos Lord on Deamonic Mount 75 x 42mm
Chaos Lord on Karkadrak 90 x 52mm
Chaos Lord on Manticore 120 X 92mm
Chaos Marauder Horsemen 60 x35mm
Chaos Marauders 25mm
Chaos Sorcerer Lord 32mm
Chaos Sorcerer Lord on Chaos Steed 75 x 42mm
Chaos Sorcerer Lord on Manticore 120 x 92mm
Vermintide 120 x 92mm
Warlock Bombardier 32mm
Warlock Engineer 32mm
Warp Lightening Cannon 120 x 92mm
Warp Lightening Vortex 40mm
Warp-Grinder 60 x 35mm
Warpfire Thrower 60 x 35mm
Warpgnaw Verminlord 105 x 70mm
Warplock Jezzails 60 x 35mm



Unit Base Size
Arch-Warlock 32mm
Bell of Doom 40mm
Brood Horror 120 x 92mm
Clanrats 25mm
Clawlord 32mm
Deathmaster 32mm
Doom-Flayer 60 x 35mm
Doomwheel 105 x 70mm
Giant Rats 25mm
Grey Seer 32mm
Grey Seer on Screaming Bell 120 x 92mm
Gutter Runners 25mm
Hell Pit Abomination 120 x 92mm
Lord Skreech Verminking 120 x 92mm
Master Moulder 32mm
Night Runners 25mm
Packmasters 25mm
Plague Censer Bearers 32mm
Plague Monks 25mm
Plague Priest 32mm
Plague Priest on Plague Furnace 120 x 92mm
Plagueclaw 120 x 92mm
Rat Ogors 50mm
Rat Swarms 50mm
Ratling Gun 60 x 35mm
Skaven Warlord on Brood Horror 120 x 92mm
Skaven Wold Rats 75 x 42mm
Skritch Spiteclaw 32mm
Skryre Acolytes 32mm
Spiteclaw's Swarm 25mm
Stormfiends 60mm
Stormvermin 25mm
Thanquol on Boneripper 90 x 52mm
Verminlord Corruptor 120 x 92mm
Verminlord Deceiver 120 x 92mm
Verminlord Warbringer 120 x 92mm
Verminlord Warpseer 120 x 92mm
Vermintide 120 x 92mm
Warlock Bombardier 32mm
Warlock Engineer 32mm
Warp Lightning Cannon 120 x 92mm
Warp Lightning Vortex 40mm
Warp-Grinder 60 x 35mm
Warpfire Thrower 60 x 35mm
Warpgnaw Verminlord 105 x 70mm
Warplock Jezzails 60 x 35mm


Tamurkhan's Horde

Unit Base Size
Bile Troggoths 60mm
Daemon Pox Riders of Nurgle 60mm
Daemon Plague Toads of Nurgle 60mm
Kazyk the Bedouled 90 x 52mm
Plague Orgors 60mm
Tamurkhan the Maggot Lord 280 x 210mm

Base Sizes - Death

Flesh-Eater Courts

Unit Base Size
Abhorrant Archregent 40mm
Abhorrant Ghoul King 32mm
Abhorrant Ghoul King on Royal Terrorgheist 130mm
Abhorrant Goul King on Royal Zombie Dragon 130mm
Cadaverous Barricade Use model
Chalice of Ushoran 50mm
Corpsemare Stampede 120 x 92mm
Crypt Flayers 50mm
Crypt Ghast Courtier 32mm
Crypt Ghouls 25mm
Crypt Flayers 50mm
Crypt Haunter Courtier 32mm
Crypt Horrors 50mm
Crypt Infernal Courtier 50mm
Royal Terrorgheist 130mm
Royal Zombie Dragon 130mm
Varghulf Courtier 60mm


Legions of Nagash

Unit Base Size
Arkhan the Black, Mortarch of Sacrament 120 x 92mm
Bat Swarms 50mm
Black Coach 170 x 105mm
Black Knights 60 x 35mm
Blood Knights 60 x 35mm
Bloodseeker Palanquin 120 x 92mm
Cairn Wraith 25mm
Corpse Cart w/Balefire Brazier 105 x 70mm
Corpse Cart w/Unholy Lodestone 105 x 70mm
Coven Throne 120 x 92mm
Dire Wolves 60 x 35mm
Fell Bats 40mm
Grave Guard 25mm
Hexwraiths 60 x 35mm
Mannfred, Mortarch of Night 120 x 92mm
Morghast Archai 60mm
Morghast Harbingers 60mm
Mortis Engine 120 x 92mm
Nagash, Supreme Lord of the Undead 130mm
Mecromancer 32mm
Neferata, Mortarch of Blood 120 x 92mm
Prince Vhordrai 130mm
The Sepulchral Guard 25mm
Skeleton Warriors  25mm
Spirit Hosts 50mm
Terrorgheist 130mm
Tomb Banshee 25mm
Vampire Lord 32mm
Vampire Lord on Nightmare Steed 60 x 35mm
Vampire Lord on Zombie Dragon 130mm
Vargheists 50mm
Wight King w/Baleful Tomb Blade 32mm
Wight King w/Black Axe 32mm
Zombie Dragon 130mm
Zombies 25mm



Unit Base Size
Black Coach 170 x 105mm
Bladegheist Revenants 32mm
Cairn Wraith 25mm
Chainghasts 32mm
Chainrasp Horde 25mm
Dreadblade Harrow 60 x 35mm
Dreadscythe Harridans 32mm
Glaivewraith Stalkers 32mm
Grimghast Reapers 32mm
Guardian of Souls w/Nightmare Lantern 32mm
Hexwraiths 60 x 35mm
Knight of Shrouds 32mm
Knight of Shrouds on Ethereal Steed 75 x 42mm
Kurdoss Valentian, the Craven King 60mm
Lady Olynder, Mortarch of Grief 60mm
Lord Executioner 40mm
Mortalis Terminexus 50mm
Mourngul 60mm
Myrmourn Banshees 32mm
Reikenor the Grimhailer 75 x 42mm
Shyish Reaper 105 x 70mm
Spirit Hosts 50mm
Spirit Torment 40mm
Tomb Banshee 25mm
Vault of Souls 50mm


Ossiarch Bonereapers

Unit Base Size
Arch-Kavalos Zandtos 80mm
Bone-tithe Shrieker 90 x 52mm
Gothizzar Harvester  105 x 70mm
Immortis Guard 50mm
Katakros, Mortarch of the Necropolis  120 x 92mm
Kavalos Deathriders 60 x 35mm
Liege-Kavalos 80mm
Mortek Crawler 170 x 105mm
Mortek Guard 25mm
Mortisan Boneshaper 32mm
Mortisan Soulmason 40mm
Mortisan Soulreaper 32mm
Nightmare Predator 60mm
Necropolis Stalkers 50mm
Soulstealer Carrion 60mm
Vokmortian, Master of the Bone-tithe 40mm


Base Sizes - Destruction


Unit Base Size
Fimirach Noble 50mm
Fimir Warriors 50mm


Gitmob Grots

Unit Base Size
Doom Driver Catapult 90 x 52mm
Doom Driver Catapult Crew w/Rope 60 x 35mm
Doom Driver Catapult Crew w/Hammer 25mm
Doom Driver 32mm
Grot Rock Lobber 105 x 70mm
Grot Rock Lobber Crew 25mm
Grot Rock Lobber Orruk Bully 32mm
Grot Shaman  25mm
Grot Shaman on Wolf 60 x 35mm
Grot Spear Chukka 50mm
Grot Spear Chukka Crew 25mm
Grot Wolf Chariots 105 x 70mm
Grot Wolf Riders 60 x 35mm
Grots 25mm
Nasty Skulkers 25mm
Snotling Pump Wagons 105 x 70mm
Snotlings 50mm


Gloomspite Gitz

Unit Base Size
Aleguzzler Gargant 90 x 52mm
Arachnarok Spider w/Flinger 160mm
Arachnarok Spider w/Spiderfang Warparty 160mm
Boggleye 32mm
Biongrot Bounderz 32mm
Bonegrinder Gargant 120 x 92mm
Brewgit 32mm
Colossal Squig 120 x 92mm
Dankhold Troggboss 60mm
Dankhold Troggoths 60mm
Fellwater Troggoths 50mm
Fungoid Cave-Shaman 32mm
Loonboss 32mm
Loonboss on Giant Cave Squig 40mm
Loonboss on Mangler Squigs 80mm
Loonboss w/Giant Cave Squig 60mm
Loonsmasha Fanatics 32mm
Madcap Shaman 25mm
Malevolent Moon 50mm
Mangler Squigs 80mm
Mollog 50mm
Rockgut Troggoths 50mm
Scaremonger 32mm
Scrapskuttle's Arachnacauldron 75 x 42mm
Scuttleboss on Gigantic Spider 60mm
Scuttletide Use model
Shootas 25mm
Shroomancer 32mm
Skitterstrand Arachnarok 160mm
Skragrott, the Loonking 60 x 35mm
Sneaky Snufflers 32mm
Spider Riders 60 x 35mm
Spiker 32mm
Sporesplatta Fanatics 32mm
Squig Gobba 120 x 92mm
Squig Herd 25mm
Squig Hoppers 32mm
Stabbas 25mm
Troggoth Hag 120 x 92mm
Webspinner Shaman 25mm
Webspinner Shaman on Arachnarok Spider 160mm
Zarbag 25mm
Zarbags's Gitz 25mm



Unit Base Size
Orruk Boar Chariots 120 x 92mm
Orruk Boarboys 60 x 35mm
Orruk Great Shaman 32mm
Orruk Warboss 32mm
Orruk Warboss w/Banner 32mm
Orruk Warboss w/War Boar 60 x 35mm
Orruk Warboss on Wyvern 100mm
Orruks 32mm
Rogue Idol 170 x 105mm


 Monsters of Destruction

Unit Base Size
Basilisk 120 x 92mm
Dread Maw 120 x 92mm
Incarnate Elemental of Beasts 120 x 92mm
Incarnate Elemental of Fire 120 x 92mm
Magma Dragon 160mm
Mywyrm 120 x 92mm


Ogor Mawtribes

Unit Base Size
Butcher 50mm
Firebelly 50mm
Frost Sabres 60 x 35mm
Frostlord on Stonehorn 120 x 92mm
Frostlord on Thundertusk 120 x 92mm
Gorgers 50mm
Gnoblar Scraplauncher 120 x 92mm
Gnoblars 25mm
Huskard on Stonehorn 120 x 92mm
Huskard Thundertusk 120 x 92mm
Icebrow Hunter 50mm
Icefall Yhetees 50mm
Ironblaster 120 x 92mm
Ironguts 40mm
Leadbelchers 40mm
Maneaters 50mm
Mournfang Pack 90 x 52mm
Ogor Gluttons 40mm
Slaughtermaster 105 x 70mm
Stonehorn Beastriders 120 x 92mm
Thundertusk Beastriders 120 x 92mm
Tyrant 50mm


Orruk Warclans

Unit Base Size
Ardboys 32mm
Brutes 40mm
Gordrakk, the Fist of Gork 160mm
Gore-gruntas 90 x 52mm
Ironskull's Boyz 32mm
Megaboss 60mm
Megaboss on Maw-krusha 160mm
Maniak Weirdnob 60 x 35mm
Savage Big Boss 32mm
Savage Big Stabbas 60 x 35mm
Savage Boarboy Maniaks 60 x 35mm
Savage Boarboys 60 x 35mm
Savage Orruk Arrowboys 32mm
Savage Orruk Morboys 32mm
Savage Orruks 32mm
Warchanter 40mm
Wardokk 32mm
Weirdnob Shaman 40mm
Wurrgog Prophet 32mm

Base Sizes - Order


Unit Base Size
Mistweaver Saih 32mm
Tenebrael Shard 32mm


Cities of Sigmar

Unit Base Size
Anointed 25mm
Assassin 25mm
Battlemage 25mm
Battlemage on Griffon 120 x 92mm
Black Ark Corsairs 25mm
Black Ark Fleetmaster 25mm
Black Guard 25mm
Bleakswords 25mm
Celestial Hurricanum 120 x 92mm
Cogsmith 25mm
Dark Riders 60 x 35mm
Darkshards 25mm
Demigryph Knights 75 x 42mm
Drakespawn Chariots 120 x 92mm
Drakespawn Knights 60 x 35mm
Dreadlord on Black Dragon 105 x 70mm
Dreadspears 25mm
Eternal Guard 25mm
Executioners 25mm
Flagellants 25mm
Flamespyre Phoenix  120 x 92mm
Freeguild Crossbowmen 25mm
Freeguild General 25mm
Freeguild General on Griffon 120 x 92mm
Freeguild Greatswords 25mm
Freeguild Guard 25mm
Freeguild Handgunners 25mm
Freeguild Outriders 60 x 35mm
Freeguild Pistoliers 60 x 35mm
Frostheart Phoenix 120 x 92mm
Gyrobombers 50mm
Gyrocopters 50mm
Hammerers 25mm
Helblaster Volley Gun 90 x 52mm
Helstorm Rocket Battery 90 x 52mm
Ironbreakers 25mm
Irondrakes 25mm
Kharibdyss 120 x 92mm
Longbeards 25mm
Luminark of Hysh 120 x 92mm
Nomad Prince 32mm
Phoenix Guard 25mm
Runelord 25mm
Scourgerunner Chariots 120 x 92mm
Shadow Warriors 25mm
Sisters of the Thorn 60 x 35mm
Sisters of the Watch 25mm
Sorceress 25mm
Sorceress on Black Dragon 105 x 70mm
Steam Tank 120 x 92mm
War Hydra 120 x 92mm
Warden King 25mm
Wild Riders 60 x 35mm
Wildwood Rangers 25mm


Daughters on Khaine

Unit Base Size
Avatar of Khaine 40mm
Blood Sisters 40mm
Blood Stalkers 40mm
Bloodwrack Medusae 40mm
Bloodwrack Shrine 120 x 92mm
Doomfire Warlocks 60 x 35mm
Hag Queen 25mm
Hag Queen on Cauldron of Blood 120 x 92mm
Khinerai Heartrenders 40mm
Khinerai Lifetakers 40mm
Morathi, High Oracle on Khaine 40mm
Morathi, the Shadow Queen 100mm
Sisters of Slaughter 25mm
Slaughter Queen 25mm
Slaughter Queen on Cauldron of Blood 120 x 92mm
Witch Aelves 25mm


Eldritch Council

Unit Base Size
Archmage 25mm
Archmage on Steed 60 x 35mm
Archmage on Dragon 120 x 92mm
Drakeseer 120 x 92mm
Loremaster 25mm
Swordmasters 25mm



Unit Base Size
Auric Hearthguard 32mm
Auric Runefather 32mm
Auric Runefather on Magmadroth 120 x 92mm
Auric Runemaster 32mm
Auric Runesmiter 32mm
Auric Runesmiter on Magmadroth 120 x 92mm
Auric Runeson 32mm
Auric Runeson on Magmadroth 120 x 92mm
Battlesmith 32mm
The Chosen Axes 32mm
Doomseeker 32mm
Fjul-Grimnir 32mm
Grimwrath Berzerker 32mm
Hearthguard Berzerkers 32mm
Molten Infernoth 120 x 92mm
Runic Fyrewall Use model
Vulkite Berzerkers 32mm
Zharrgron Flame-spitter Use model


Idoneth Deepkin

Unit Base Size
Akhelian Allopex 90 x 52mm
Akhelian Ishlaen Guard 60 x 35mm
Akhelian King 60mm
Akhelian Leviadon 120 x 92mm
Akhelian Morrsarr Guard 60 x 35mm
Eidolon of Mathlann, Aspect of the Sea 100mm
Eidolon of Mathlann, Aspect of the Storm 100mm
Gloomtide Shipwreck Use model
Isharann Soulrender 40mm
Isharann Tidecaster 32mm
Lotann, Warden of the Soul Ledgers 40mm
Namarti Reavers 32mm
Namarti Thralls 32mm
Volturnos, High King of the Deep 60mm


Kharadron Overlords

Unit Base Size
Aether-Khemist 32mm
Aetheric Navigator 32mm
Arkanaut Admiral 32mm
Arkanaut Company 25mm
Arkanaut Frigate 120 x 92mm
Arkanaut Ironclad 170 x 105mm
Brokk Grungsson, Lord-Magnate of Barak-Nar 50mm
Endrinmaster 32mm
Endrinriggers 32mm
Grundstok Gunhauler 105 x 70mm
Grundstok Thunderers 32mm
Skywardens 32mm


Lion Rangers

Unit Base Size
White Lion Chariots 120 x 92mm
White Lions 25mm


Monsters of Order

Unit Base Size
Carmine Dragon 100mm

Order Draconis

Unit Base Size
Dragon Noble 25mm
Dragon Noble on Steed 60 x 35mm
Dragonlord 120 x 92mm
Dragon Blades 60 x 35mm



Unit Base Size
Bastiladon 120 x 92mm
Chameleon Skinks 25mm
Dread Saurian 280 x 210mm
Engine of the Gods 120 x 92mm
Kroxigor 50mm
Lord Kroak 50mm
Razordons 60 x 35mm
Ripperdactyl Riders 50mm
Salamanders 60 x 35mm
Saurus Astrolith Bearer 40mm
Saurus Eternity Warden 40mm
Saurus Guard 32mm
Saurus Knights 60 x 35mm
Saurus Oldblood 32mm
Saurus Oldblood on Carnosaur 120 x 92mm
Saurus Scar-Veteran on Carnosaur 120 x 92mm
Saurus Scar-Veteran on Cold One 60 x 35mm
Saurus Sunblood 32mm
Saurus Warriors 32mm
Skink Handlers 25mm
Skink Priest 25mm
Skink Starpriest 25mm
Skink Starseer 50mm
Skinks 25mm
Slann Starmaster 50mm
Stegadon 120 x 92mm
Terradon Riders 50mm
Troglodon 120 x 92mm


Stormcast Eternals

Unit Base Size
Awtherwings 32mm
Astreia Solbright 90 x 52mm
Aventis Firestrike, Magister of Hammerhal 100mm
Castigators 40mm
Celestant-Prime, Hammer of Sigmar 100mm
Celestar Ballista 60mm
Celestar Ballista Crew 40mm
Celestian Vortex 65mm
Dais Arcanum 50mm
Dracothian Guard Concussors 90 x 52mm
Dracothian Guard Desolators 90 x 52mm
Dracothian Guard Fulminators 90 x 52mm
Dracothian Guard Tempestors 90 x 52mm
Drakesworn Templar 170 x 105mm
Everblaze Comet 65mm
Evocators 40mm
Evacators on Dracolines 90 x 52mm
Gavriel Sureheart 40mm
Gryph-hounds 40mm
Judicators 40mm
Knight-Azyros 50mm
Knight-Heraldor 40mm
Knight-Incantor 40mm
Knight-Questor 40mm
Knight-Venator 50mm
Knight-Vexillor 40mm
Knight-Zephyros 40mm
Liberators 40mm
Lord-Aquilor 90 x 52mm
Lord-Arcanum 40mm
Lord-Arcanum on Dracoline 90 x 52mm
Lord-Arcanum on Gryph-charger 90 x 52mm
Lord-Arcanum on Tauralon 100mm
Lord-Castellant 40mm
Lord-Celestant 40mm
Lord-Celestant on Dracoth 90 x 52mm
Lord-Celestant on Stardrake 170 x 105mm
Lord-Excorcist 40mm
Lord-Ordinator Vorrus Starstrike 40mm
Lord-Relictor 40mm
Lord-Veritant 40mm
Neave Blacktalon 40mm
Paladin Decimators 40mm
Paladin Protectors 40mm
Paladin Retributors 40mm
Prosecutors 40mm
Raptor-Prime w/Longstrike Crossbow 40mm
Sequitors 40mm
Steelheart's Champions 40mm
The Farstriders 40mm
Vandus Hammerhand 90 x 52mm
Vanguard-Hunters 40mm
Vanguard-Palladors 75 x 42mm
Vanguard-Raptors 40mm
Vanguard-Raptors w/Longstrike Crossbows 60 x 35mm



Unit Base Size
Alarielle the Everqueen 160mm
Branchwraith 32mm
Branchwych 32mm
Drycha Hamadreth 105 x 70mm
Gladewyrm Use model
Kurnoth Hunters 50mm
Spirit of Durthu 105 x 70mm
Spite-Revenants 32mm
Spiteswarm Hive 50mm
Sylvaneth Dryads 32mm
Sylvaneth Wyldwood Use model
Tree-Revenants 32mm
Treelord 105 x 70mm
Treelord Ancient 105 x 70mm
Vengeful Skullroot 105 x 70mm

Base Sizes - Others

Forbidden Power

Unit Base Size
Horrorghast 50mm
Lauchon the Soulseeker 90 x 52mm
Shards of Valagharr 105 x 70mm
Soulscream Bridge 120 x 92mm


Malign Sorcery

Unit Base Size
Aethervoid Pendulum Use model
Balewind Vortex Use model
The Burning Head Use model
Chronomantic Cogs Use model
Emerald Lifeswarm Use model
Geminids of Uhl-Gysh Use model
Malevolent Maelstorm Use model
Prismatic Palisade Use model
Purple Sun of Shyish Use model
Quicksilver Swords Use model
Ravenak's Gnashing Jaws Use model
Soulsnare Shackles Use model
Suffocating Gravetide Use model
Umbral Spellportal Use model


Age of sigmar